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Dental Phobia

Take control of your Dental fears

Now we know about the dental fears from the article “ Nightmare On Dentist’s Chair”. Sometimes, trying to calm down simply doesn’t work and we may need something else to make us available for dental examination. That’s where the medication shows up. Medicines that calm us down, are simply called sedatives. They sedate us. When you have a fear that can not be controlled easily, your dentist or orthodontist will prescribe the most suitable one for you.

Oral sedation makes dental care easy. How?

1. Take the sedative that prescribed by your dentist/orthodontist an hour before the exam.
2. Your dentist will administer extra sedation as needed during treatment.
3. Wake up with procedures completed.

Who can use sedatives on dentistry?
•    Patients who avoid care because of anxiety
•    Patients with sensitive gag reflexes
•    Patient who don’t get numb with local anaesthesia
•    Patients with needle phobias
•    Patients who need a large amount of dental care
•    Patients with special needs (like autism, Alzheimer’s etc)
•    Patients with a low pain threshold
•    Patients with extreme tooth sensibility

Top benefits of Selecting Oral Sedation
•    Ability to perform several treatments in a single visit
•    Less post-treatment pain
•    Little-to-no memory of treatment
•    Improve oral health-more likely to keep up with dental exams
•    Safer than IV sedation (That is also known as conscious sedation)

How Is It Going to Be?
•    Dentist will take medical history to ensure safety
•    You will explain dental concerns
•    Oral sedative will be prescribed
•    Vital signs will be monitored during treatment
•    Additional sedatives will be used if needed
•    Sedation can last up to 6 hours depending on necessary treatments
•    You will need someone to drive you home